Recycled Wool

Here at Original Montgomery we acknowledge that we have a duty of care towards our planet and that as part of this we need to ensure that every one of our Duffle Coats is created to have the longest possible usable life for the wearer, and also to ensure that we look to lessen our brands impact in the planet by using recycled and responsibly sourced materials in our garments, wherever humanly possible. To this end we have exclusively used the finest Italian eco-wool material for all of our coats (yes, even the Monty Dog coats benefit from this).

This fabric is fully accredited, and wholly sustainable, utilising a recycled wool/polyester mix which makes use of otherwise discarded fibres which coupled with the lower impact production process for recycled fabrics ensures that the environmental impact of producing each one of our Duffle’s and Peacoats is minimised to the maximum extent (recycled wool fabric is much less polluting than virgin wool).

Over the years the epicentre of premium-recycled wool fabric has shifted from Batley in Yorkshire (back in the early 1800’s) to the altogether sunnier climes of Prato in the Tuscany region of Italy. Original Montgomery have forged long-standing relationships with the Prato-based Italian fabric mills, expert in supplying not only eco-wool suitable for our Duffle Coats, but also all types of premium wool-based fabrics for the fashion and clothing industry.

Their end-product is second-to-none and this is why we choose to work with them exclusively to create the finest English Made Duffle Coats which are both sartorially elegant, durable and sustainable too. Made to the exacted standards which have been the hallmark of the brand ever since we were first selected to supply the British Admiralty back in 1860.