Men's Breton Sweaters

The submariner sweater steals its name from its nautical origins. Designed to keep sailors warm at sea, these sweaters combine functionality with classic navy style. Our collection of men’s submariner sweaters features a selection of designs, each offering a different take on this cosy jumper.

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Based on the traditional naval design, the submariner sweater is an essential extra layer for those colder days and nights. Each sweater is crafted from merino wool, offering a super-soft feel and lasting warmth. With quality fabric and carefully bound seams, these durable sweaters will last for years to come.

Original Montgomery was one of the first duffle coat brands in the world. We’ve dressed everyone from the British Admiralty to catwalk models, with our luxury outerwear providing warmth and protection against the worst of the winter weather. Crafted with care from the finest fabrics, our collection offers luxury and lasting quality.

Our men’s submariner sweaters are available in two different styles: the classic roll-neck and the newer zip-neck. Available in nautical navy and cool ecru, these timeless sweaters can be styled in however you fancy – whether you’re staying in or braving the cold weather. Read less

Men's Breton Merino Sweater Quick View
Men's Breton Merino Sweater

Men's Breton Merino Sweater



Breton sweater made by the original maker of Duffle Coats in England, since 1896. This sweater has a classical nautical theme with a superior feeling fit and finish. Merino is the softest sheep wool which is comfortable but also hard wearing pure wool. Merino was originally e...

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